Our Mission compels us to be solicitous and rigorous on turning it a reality. That is our responsibility.

Quality control is one of OMNIFAR’s main concerns. All pharmaceutical products are monitored from their point of origin, through transportation and up to their warehousing in Angola. Our warehouse, located at the Pólo Industrial de Viana, is duly certified by the Health Department and meets international equipment warehousing standards. This certification was a priority for OMNIFAR, and resulted in the installation of the latest equipment in order to guarantee correct temperature and packaging conditions for all  pharmaceutical products stored, thus ensuring their stability and preservation, right up to their delivery to the customer. The adoption of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) was another step that contributed to the present high quality standards that OMNIFAR is proud to maintain

Our Group is operating in Angola for 20 years and has over 10 years experience in the pharmaceuticals industry. This wealth of experience, together with a clear and visible sense of responsibility to its customers and partners, results in lasting and mutually beneficial trade relationships, with all parties involved.