What do we do

OMNIFAR is an Angolan company operating in the health sector, more precisely in the importation, storage and distribution of medicines, medical and hospital resources, disposable material, hospital equipment, as well as the certification of new therapeutics. Omnifar’s quality is attested to by its agencies, namely its appointment as Novartis’s Authorized Distributor, from which it markets first line medical drugs such as Coartem, in the anti-malarial class, Exforge and Diovan, in the antihypertensive class, or even Voltaren, world leader of anti-inflammatory drugs.

Besides the vast range of products that we permanently provide and store, we can satisfy all kinds of orders through a network of international contacts with laboratories, manufacturers and distributors who look to OMNIFAR to provide solutions to all their needs in terms of healthcare, such as antipyretics, antihypertensive drugs, antibiotics, cytostatics, psychotropic substances and narcotics, anesthetics, reagents, insulin, serums, dressing material, sutures, catheters, hospital material and equipment and so forth. Most generics, patent medicines and disposable material that we provide originate from Portugal. The remainder is of European origin, or from factories with GMP. They all conform to the most demanding standards, in terms of quality assurance.